About Us

        Darren Smith and Dan Phillips have combined their talents and created a DJing experience that rivals the DJs in the area. Their natural ability to create a memorable and fun event has resulted in many happy clients. From Fundraising events to Weddings, they alter and create an event that your guests will not soon forget.

        Dan began DJing in high school for a local skating rink. He quickly created a following and began Djing weekly at a Nightclub. While going through college, he focused on his future career of teaching.  While teaching he befriended Darren. Darren had a long past working as a Counselor and MC at a large camp. His talents did not go unknown for long at his position as a teacher. Darren became flooded with requests to be an MC and DJ for many school events. While being able to complete the tasks of being a DJ, he did not have the equipment needed. This was when they partnered and created Phillips and Smith Entertainment. 

        They offer something that many other DJ services do not readily provide, a DJ and Emcee for every event. Sure, other companies can pair up two random DJ’s and call it a day, but Darren & Dan have fine-tuned this duo to work seamlessly together. The two feed off each other when mixing and keep energies up to maximum levels throughout the night. Their two styles complement one another which translate into the best event our past clients have experienced. Our clients are always amazed to hear that they are able to have two DJ’s together for their event for the same or less than they pay for one DJ.

        Fundraisers and School events can be the hardest events for clients to find a great DJ. The clients not only have to be able to find a DJ that is appropriate and entertaining, but also has to find a DJ that has a reasonable price that will not “rob” the fundraiser. It is very rare to find a DJ that has a daily reminder of what is current and popular with each grade level of children or one that is an active teacher. Book them and you are able to receive two DJ’s that are active teachers that have a lot of experience throwing school wide events and fundraisers.

        They closely monitor where the industry is going and strive to stay one step ahead in music and technology. The days where DJs lugged around crates of records or CD’s are long and gone. Today, they carry thousands of high quality music on MacBook Pros paired up with the latest DJing software. We’re able to access songs almost instantaneously and play them for your guests to enjoy by utilizing a streaming service. Our ability to play the songs that are requested quickly keeps the dance floor packed at all times and our customers coming back for more.