Vernfield LipSync



Welcome to the Vernfield LipSync Page

Below you will find three options to submit your mp3 file of your child’s song and a few “how-to” videos that demonstrates our recommended way to blend and cut songs.


Digital File Submission Options

Please choose the option that is easiest for you.

The files have to be in .mp3 or .m4a format.


Option 1

Follow this link ( to upload your file through our web app.


Option 2

You may email your song as an attachment to We will send you a reply email saying that we received your song attachment.


Option 3

You can hire us to trim your song for you. Please send us an email ( and include the following information…

Name of your school:
Name of performers:
Name of song and artist:
Start and End Times:
If youtube, please provide link:

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a reply email with the version of the edited song for your approval.

Prices – $5 for a one song edit. (add $2 for each extra song to be combined into the one file).
Separate acts are separate charges. (Example – Two separate one song acts = $10)
Requests past the cut-off date are $10 for a one song edit due.
No requests can be accepted less than two days before the event.

Payment – You can pay through Venmo. Please make sure the name of the song and performing kids is included in the comment.

“How-to” Edit/Cut songs

We recommend using a free tool called Audacity (